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aSPIre 3 – Koh Young 3D Solder Paste Inspection System (Demo Equipment)

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The Industry’s Highest Performing 3D Solder Paste Inspection System (SPI).


  • The Highest Standard in Metrology-level 3D Inspection: The aSPIre 3 sets a higher standard in metrology-level 3D inspection by overcoming inspection challenges like shadow and specular reflection, as well as board warp and non-linear challenges.
  • Beyond Solder Paste Inspection: Provides whole-board foreign material inspection (WFMI), conductive glue, sinter paste inspection with full color image display results.
  • The unique Koh Young warp compensation technology, Z-tracking 3D Compensation, actively calculates and detects any substrate warpage. Using its exclusive 3D imaging and algorithms, it considers multiple elements like slope, stretch, twist, bow, and shrinkage to guarantee an accurate measurement and to meet the ultimate inspection system criteria.
  • The Self-Diagnosis for Optimal Performance allows operators to take precautionary measures through predictive maintenance in order to reduce process interruptions, enhance uptime, and ensure optimal machine performance. The Self-Diagnosis feature comes with distinct modules which offers periodical machine checkups on critical items such as 3D/2D light intensity, PZT feed, height accuracy, and XY offset.
  • Koh Young pioneered True 3D measurement technology 20 years ago to create a zero-defect future. This gave rise to KSMART Solutions and its continuous efforts to leverage data and connectivity.
  • The AI-powered Koh Young Process Optimizer (KPO) solution automatically exercises complex algorithms to develop and implement print process improvements. By actively monitoring the print process, KPO sends operators real-time performance diagnostics and threshold alerts – it even implements process change automatically. KPO ensures real-time print process reliability without dedicated experts.


Koh Young


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